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Why delayed choice experiments do Not imply retrocausality

David Ellerman
2015 Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations  
Although retrocausality might be involved in quantum mechanics in a number of ways, the focus here is on the delay-choice arguments popularized by John Archibald Wheeler. There is a common fallacy that is often involved in the interpretation of quantum experiments involving a certain type of separation such as the: double-slit experiments, which-way interferometer experiments, polarization analyzer experiments, Stern-Gerlach experiments, and quantum eraser experiments. The fallacy leads not
more » ... llacy leads not only to flawed textbook accounts of these experiments but to flawed inferences about retrocausality in the context of delayed choice versions of separation experiments.
doi:10.1007/s40509-014-0026-2 fatcat:rn3jzj2is5ao7fdvyg43b2szya