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Numerical Study Based on Theoretical Distribution of Charge Points in Charge Simulation Method for Numerical Interior Conformal Mappings

Tetsuo INOUE, Kaname AMANO
1997 Nihon Oyo Suri Gakkai ronbunshi  
. An algorithm fbr computing numerical interior conformal mappings has re − cently been proposed by Inoue ( 1995a , b ) , where the theoretical d 丑 stribution of charge points ha£ been estabhshed . In this note , numerlcal results based on the diStributien of charge point , s in charge simulation method are obtained for typical examples and with high accu − racy . We expect that this paper would contribute to studying the new distribution ofcharge POHlts ,
doi:10.11540/jsiamt.7.4_429 fatcat:hxv2dvmep5bw5lu6khxt3ov7bu