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A A Compact Bandwidth Enhanced Antenna Loaded with SRR For WLAN/WiMAX/Satellite Applications

T. Ali, M. S. Aw, R. C. Biradar
2018 Advanced Electromagnetics  
A compact bandwidth enhanced antenna using metamaterial single Rectangular Split Ring Resonator (RSRR) for WLAN/WiMAX/Satellite applications is presented. As the wireless modules continue to shrink, there exists a drastic demand for a compact antenna. In addition to this, the effective integration of an antenna in wireless devices acts as stand-alone implement to mitigate the effects of noise fading. The presented antenna consists of three metamaterial single RSRR and a coaxial feed.
more » ... al feed. Compactness in the design is achieved with the help of coaxial feeding technique. The etching of Upper metamaterial single RSRR creates a resonance at 6 GHz (WLAN) band, with S11 < -10 dB bandwidth ranging from 5.46 – 6.7 GHz (1240 MHz). Bandwidth enhancement in the proposed design at 6 GHz, is accomplished by the two metamaterial single RSRR placed at the left and ride side of the radiating patch, just below the upper RSRR. Due to the placement of two lower RSRR the bandwidth of the proposed antenna gets enhanced from 1240 to 3120 MHz. The antenna has a size of only 20 x 18 x 2.54 mm3 . The antenna exhibits bi-directional and Omni-directional radiation characteristics in E and H-plane, respectively. Compact size, good impedance matching, stable radiation pattern and radiation efficiency greater than 95% are observed across the operational bandwidths of the designed antenna. The aforementioned advantages make the proposed antenna suitable for WLAN/WiMAX/Satellite applications.
doi:10.7716/aem.v7i4.644 fatcat:24745z4nyjhxjayhimzuwfbtvy