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The Relations of Diphtheria and Croup

1878 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
In my own experiments, made with the chlor-hydrate of pilocarpine, the results obtained have differed a little from those produced by eserine sulphate, in the facts that less conjunctival irritation, less supraorbital pain, and less spasm of the accommodative power seemed to be indnced, while the contraction of the pupil and the temporary myopia corresponded in degree with those following the use of eserine. In these respects pilocarpine offers great advantages over eserine. It is, moreover, at
more » ... It is, moreover, at present, less costly than eserine, and it does not, as does the latter, deliquesce on keeping. We have, therefore, unquestionably, two myotic agents capable of rendering immense service in ocular affections, and probably of use in other diseases, especially of the nervous system. It is needless to say that these, as all other remedies, have their limitations of usefulness; in iritis, for instance, eserine and pilocarpine would doubtless be highly injurious, as tending to congest the already distended vessels, and as favoring the formation of adhesions between the iris and the capsule of the crystalline lens.
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