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Six-level time theory

Jun Hu
What is time? Some people think that time is the most basic physical quantity. Some people think that time is created by people's intentions. Some people think that time can be changed. (The theory of relativity believes that the time of objects moving at high speed can be slowed down. ). So what is time, and why does the time of the frame of reference of high-speed motion slow down! What exactly is time, here is an attempt to understand and explain these essential issues of
more » ... time.时间是什么,有人认为时间是最基本的物理量,有人认为时间是人们意想的,有人认为时间是可以变化的(相对论认为高速运动的物体的时间可以变慢,有人设想超光速时间可以倒流)。那么时间到底是什么,高速运动的参照系的时间为什么会变慢!时间到底是什么,这里试图来理解和说明这些时间本质的问题。
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