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A longitudinal study of social support for varsity-athlete freshmen: Utilization of preventive effects against athlete burnout

Hironobu Tsuchiya, Shiro Nakagomi
1998 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
A study was conducted to explere the utilization of effective social support to prevent athlete bur ・ nout . First , 76 varsity − athlete freshmen who belonged to 4 different clubs answered a questionnaire composed of the Athletic Social Support Scale ( ASSS ; Tsuchiya & Nakagomi , 1994 ) , Athletic Bur − nout Inventory ( ABI ; Kishi et a1 . , 1989 )and Network Map , which is a modi 五cation of the Psychologi − cal Distance Map ( Wapner , 1978 ) , and they also described their perceived stress
more » ... perceived stress by the free descrip ・ 亡 ion methDd . We carried out 4 measurements after the subjects had started club activjties ;one week later ( 1W ) , two months later( 2M ) , four months later( 4M )and six mo 且 ths later ( 6M ) , Secondly , eight of the study freshmen were interviewed during the investigatiQn ( 60 min x 4 sessions ) , The main resu [ ts ob 辷 ained were as follows ; 1)The freshmen encountered 3 different types c ・ f stress , which were characterized by their transitien period . The 且rst type of stress , termed " confusic ・ n ab 。 ut athle レ ic life " was experienced more frequenUy in IW , the second type , termed ' ' unease about perfomlance enhancenert " , occun ・ ed in 4M , and the third type , te ed " complicated relationships with odhers " , oc − cured in 6M , 2)The althletes ' perceived stress and burnout tendencies were significantly correlated , and both tncreased throughout the study period . However , ヒ he burnout tendency of freshmen with good social support was arrested , whereas that of freshmen with poor social support increased sig ・ ni 丘cantly after 2M . Furthernlore, path analysis of a longitudinal model for social support and athlete burnout showed that a supPortive environment for fresh 皿 en at the beginning of theiI 「 activities was critical for mitigating the stress − bumout relationship . 3)Ef琵ctive social support for these three types of stress were observed throughout the case study , and identified by multiple regressionanalysis . It is suggested that instrumental support from seniors in IW , esteem and companionship support from teammates and new friends in 2M , instructive support from coaches and trainers in 4M , and esteem support from seniors and teammates in 6M could buffer the negative effect of stres ∈ L Future work shou 】 d expand these 抽 dings into an educational intervention program for freshmen. Key wor δs : social 即 Port , b皿 no 皿 t, long藍 tudinal study , varsity ・ athletes freshmen ( Japan J. Phys . Educ . 42:349 − 362, January , 1998)
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003391604 fatcat:qlgaqtnljnddbcdkhy4tc4tywy