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Concurrent cavitary pulmonary tuberculosisand COVID-19 pneumonia with in vitro immune cell anergy:a case report [post]

Maria Musso, Francesco Di Gennaro, Gina Gualano, Silvia Mosti, Carlotta Cerva, Saeid Najafi Fard, Raffaella Libertone, Virginia Di Bari, Massimo Cristofaro, Roberto Tonnarini, Delia Goletti, Fabrizio Palmieri
2020 unpublished
Tuberculosis (TB) is top infectious disease killer caused by a single organismresponsible for 1.5 million deaths in 2018. Both COVID 19 and the pandemic responseare risking to affect control measures for TB and continuity of essential services forpeople affected by this infection in western countries and even more in developingcountries. Knowledges about concomitant pulmonary TB and COVID-19 are extremelylimited. The double burden of these two diseases can have devastating effects. Herewe
more » ... fects. Herewe describe from both the clinical and the immunological point of view a case of apatient with in vitro immune cell anergy affected by bilateral cavitary pulmonary TB andsubsequent COVID-19-associated pneumonia with a worst outcome. COVID-19 can bea precipitating factor in TB respiratory failure and, during ongoing SARS COV 2 pandemic, clinicians must be aware of this possible coinfection in differential diagnosisof patients with active TB and new or worsening chest imaging
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:lltgip7t5few3hnlxcplzeffjq