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Pseudohepatica duidensis, a new lichen from the venezuelan Amazonas

Vicente Marcano, Ernesto Palacios-Prü, Antonio Morales
2000 Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution  
The species Pseudohepatica duidensis Marcano, Palacios & Morales is described from the Venezuelan Amazonas. Special attention has been paid to the morphology and the chemistry (e.g. polysaccharides and secondary compounds), using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thin-layer chromatography (TLC, HPTLC) and iodine reagent tests. Pseudohepatica duidensis is characterized by a very small (to 1 mm long), yellowish-green thallus, non-pored epicortex, yellowish lower surface with soredial
more » ... soredial protuberances, paraplectenchymatous upper cortex consisting of strongly sclerotic cells, cell walls with iodine reactions characteristic of lichenan and gyrophoric acid as relevant chemical constituent.
doi:10.11646/bde.18.1.24 fatcat:yyieuljrc5aflhafittnuo3fiq