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О. Ivanchuk, O. Tumska
Purpose. Solids microsurface digital images obtained with scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are characterized by significant geometric distortions, which must be defined and taken into account when determining the quantitative parameters of microsurface solids with high accuracy. Therefore, this problem is so important and urgent, especially during the high-tech quality control of production processes using nanotechnology, particularly in mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, and for
more » ... nstruction, and for creating space and military equipment. It is also important to perform SEM images measurements and obtain quantitative parameters of the studied microsurface in automatic mode that would allow processing of the data much faster without operator intervention. Therefore, the aim of this work was to develop and research the effective technology for automated calibration and account for the SEM images geometric distortion as well as the creation of a software package that would implement it. Methods. Digital SEM images processing and their transformations were used to automate the measurement. Results. The developed automation technology for digital SEM images measurement was tested and studied in the treatment of SEM images of the reference test object with a resolution of r = 1425 lines/mm, obtained with SEM using the JCM-5000 (NeoScope) in the range of magnifications from 1,000 x to 15,000 x . Accuracy and quantified characteristics of SEM images, in particular, their scales along the axes of the image, as well as their geometric distortion, are comparable to measurements made by hand. Automation of this process eliminates monotonous work, especially in the processing of SEM images in a range of relatively small increases in M=1000h-5000h, significantly reducinge the measurement time, and avoiding human errors that can occur. Scientific novelty. The developed technology for automation of the measurement of digital SEM images and to determine their geometric parameters is executed for the first time in Ukraine. The proposed technological measurement automation scheme of SEM images, and the creation of this authoring software show its efficiency and expediency. The practical significance. This technology allows you to automatically and accurately determine the true value of the SEM images increase (scale), the value of their geometric distortion. These values use determine with high accuracy of the quantitative spatial parameters of micro surface solids to increase the reliability end efficiency devices, mechanisms, and materials made from them.
doi:10.23939/istcgcap2016.02.056 fatcat:ezctlca6lzbdnjmi7dzwahfade