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Cytogenetics of the darkling beetles Zophobas aff. confusus and Nyctobates gigas (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

A.C. Lira-Neto, G.M. Silva, R.C. Moura, M.J. Souza
2012 Genetics and Molecular Research  
Males of Zophobas aff. confusus and Nyctobates gigas (Tenebrionidae) collected in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil, were studied through conventional staining, C-banding, silver nitrate impregnation (AgNO 3 ), and the base specific fluorochromes CMA 3 and DAPI. Z. aff. confusus was found to have 2n = 20 (9+Xyp) while N. gigas exhibited 2n = 18 (8+neoXY). Large pericentromeric blocks of constitutive heterochromatin (CH) were detected throughout the autosomal complement of the two species, except
more » ... wo species, except in one autosomal pair of N. gigas in which no heterochromatic block was observed. The sex chromosomes of both species were almost totally heterochromatic. Double staining with CMA 3 /DA (distamycin) and DAPI/DA marked CH in Z. aff. confusus. However, DAPI staining was more intense. N. gigas was found to possess blocks of CH-positive CMA 3 and homogeneous DAPI. AgNO 3 staining also revealed differences between the two species. In Z. confusus an NOR was observed in the sexual bivalent Xyp and N. gigas was found to have an autosomal NOR.
doi:10.4238/2012.june.15.5 pmid:22782627 fatcat:fzsdabxsabhjbfv5ul6jw5btq4