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Essential techniques for fastening loads in road transport

2021 Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport  
During the transportation of goods, damage and destruction of the transported cargo constitute a very large part of the damage. The most common direct cause of damage is an improper arrangement and securing of the transported load. An improperly secured load may pose a threat to the transporters and bystanders. Incorrectly secured loads can fall from the vehicle, obstruct movement, and cause injury or death. In addition, improperly secured loads can cause injury or death in heavy braking or a
more » ... eavy braking or a collision. The way the load is distributed and secured on the vehicle can negatively affect driving behaviour, making it difficult to control the vehicle. This article presents the conditions related to the transport of loads in road transport, describes both the forces that act on the load during the journey of a vehicle and the most important techniques for securing loads in road transport.
doi:10.20858/sjsutst.2021.110.8 fatcat:7ot5hyvhgvfntfm5lj4p35toxu