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Crystal structure of nonabarium bis(tetranitridoniobate) nitride azide, Ba9[NbN4]2N[N3]

S. J. Clarke, F. J. Di Salvo
1997 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
Source of material: Synthesis was carried out from a mixture of Ba (Aldrich 99%), Al (Aldrich 99.99%), Na (Aldrich 99%) and NaN3 (Aldrich 99%) sealed in a clean Nb (Noble Met 99%) tube. Ratio Na:N:Ba:Al was 7:7:2:1. The mixture was heated to 1023 Κ and then cooled to room temperature over 8 days. Some red transparent crystals of Ba9[NbN4]2N(N3) were isolated by washing away the Na with anhydrous liquid ammonia. They were characterised by energy dispersive analysis of X-rays (Ba:Nb = 4:1) and by
more » ... Ba:Nb = 4:1) and by single crystal X-ray diffraction. No Al was detected in the crystals, although it may assist in dissolution of the Nb which derives from the tube. When a reaction was attempted under similar conditions, but using Nb powder, and no Al, no crystals of the title compound were produced.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.1997.212.1.309 fatcat:ffjtzot5onfrjgo37l5mj34b2e