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Relationship between Prolonged Sweetener Consumption and Chronic Stress in the Production of Carbonylated Proteins in Blood Lymphocytes

Lucía García-Iniesta, Beatriz Martínez-Carrillo, Roxana Valdés-Ramos, Rosa Jarillo-Luna, Jorge Escoto-Herrera, Aldo Reséndiz-Albor
2017 European Journal of Nutrition and Food Safety  
Modern lifestyles have changed eating habits, encouraged physical inactivity, and increased stress in daily life. These living conditions cause elevated concentrations of carbonylated proteins like biomarker of oxidative stress. The expression of this proteins represent irreversible damage to structural intracellular proteins in cells and extracellular matrix. It is not clear whether a rise in the concentration of these proteins is the origin or consequence of diseases. Objective: To determine
more » ... tive: To determine in a healthy young mice model the possible correlation between prolonged sweetener consumption and the presence of chronic physiological stress, evidenced by the production of carbonylated proteins in peripheral blood lymphocytes. Methods: Sixty-four 21-day-old CD1 male mice were divided into two groups, stressed (with immobilization) and unstressed. Each group was divided into four subgroups: Control or experimental with a 6-week administration of sucrose, sucralose or stevia. Body mass index, food intake, number and concentration of carbonylated proteins, levels of glucose and peripheral lymphocytes in blood were evaluated. Data were analyzed with ANOVA. Results: Compared to the unstressed control, the glucose concentration was elevated in all García-Iniesta et al.; EJNFS, 7(4): 220-232, 2017; Article no.EJNFS.2017.019 221 stressed subgroups (F = 13.41, p < 0.01), with greater weight found in the stressed sucralose supplemented subgroup (F = 77.58, p < 0.001). The blood level of peripheral lymphocytes was above the control in all subgroups (F = 19.97, p < 0.01), except the decrease observed in unstressed sucrose supplemented subgroup. Carbonylated protein concentration in peripheral blood lymphocytes was high in all subgroups (versus the control) except in unstressed animals suppelemented with stevia (F = 51.16, p <0.01). Conclusions: Stress plus sucralose increased number of lymphocytes and carbonylated proteins concentration. The physiological stress with or without sweetener consumption generated increase in carbonylated proteins concentration. Stevia did not modify lymphocytes and carbonylated proteins. Original Research Article
doi:10.9734/ejnfs/2017/36313 fatcat:oxnwwmordzeq3ocv6qf774bdsu