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An investigation on how Brazilian university-level students produce written summaries of an expository text in L2

Cyntia Bailer, Claudia Marchese Winfield, Fabiana Vanessa Achy de Almeida, Deise Caldart Roscioli
2014 Letrônica  
Ideally, readers build meaningful and coherent mental representations of the texts they read (KINTSCH; VAN DIJK, 1978; KINTSCH, 1983; GAGNÉ et al., 1993); and they are able to express such mental representations in summaries and recall protocols. Furthermore, strategic readers approach a text while keeping in mind the situation in which they are reading, i.e., reading purposes and text type, and while monitoring their comprehension (CARRELL, 1989; LIPSON; WIXSON, 1983; WASIK; TURNER, 1991) .
more » ... TURNER, 1991) . The present study aims at investigating to what extent eight Brazilian university-level students are strategic when producing written summaries of an expository text in English as L2. Participants were enrolled in a workshop on writing summaries about expository texts in English; their text production was collected and analyzed in terms of their strategies for identifying controlling, central and secondary ideas. Participants were proficient and strategic readers in both their L1 (Portuguese) and L2 (English), and were knowledgeable about academic genres. Our hypothesis was that the readers would be able to construct a meaningful and coherent representation of the text while monitoring their reading comprehension. The process of monitoring comprehension would be reflected in the reader's summaries. Results revealed that the majority of the participants adopted strategies when approaching the text, and that they were able to build a coherent mental representation of the text; however, results also suggest some readers omitted central and secondary ideas.
doi:10.15448/1984-4301.2014.1.16691 fatcat:5mlhekg3jfhtlotryqhetsjalq