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Tetracarbonyl[bis(diphenylphosphanyl)-tetramethyldisiloxane- κ 2 P,P′]chromium(0) [article]

N. Peulecke, B.H. Müller, A. Spannenberg, U. Rosenthal, University, My
The title compound, [Cr(C 28H 32OP 2Si 2)(CO) 4], was obtained by the ligand-exchange reaction of Cr(CO) 6 with (Ph 2PSiMe 2) 2O in refluxing toluene. The CrC 4P 2 coordination geometry is distorted octa-hedral, with a P - Cr - P bite angle of 99.22 (4)°.
doi:10.34657/4209 fatcat:azygjdjytbg3rc4c5vwg74gfke