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A Study on the Comparison of the Visual Attention Characteristics on the Facade Image of a Detached House Due to the Features on Windows

Hyeongkyu Cho
2016 Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering  
It is necessary to analyze the processes and principles of how building images are formed in an objective way. In this respect, this study intends to find out where people gaze when looking at a building, especially a residential building. This study has aimed to see where people have the most visual attention when glancing at a detached house by using eye movement tracking devices. One method employed in this study was to divide the observed area into two categories, an opening area and a
more » ... ing area and a fixed area, in order to find out the different visual interests people have in these two different areas. A second method was to divide the window into a reflected window and a regular window so as to find out how people's visual attention differs depending on the characteristics of windows. Finally, an experiment was carried out to test the different points of view relating to visual attention between two groups with different levels of knowledge in architecture. The final results are as follows. Firstly, when people see a house, their attention usually goes to opening areas such as windows or doors. The doors and windows are openings that open and close, and they attract a high degree of attention. Secondly, the reflecting window has a larger visual attention than the plain window. Finally, there was no significant difference in visual attention between the two groups.
doi:10.3130/jaabe.15.209 fatcat:pg2tsl5vsbdbdnbopkjjv3mtdy