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Nanotechnologies: a review of inventions and utility models. Part III
Изобретения, основанные на использовании нанотехнологий, позволяют получить принципиально новые технические результаты. Часть III

L.A. Ivanov, A.V. Demenev, Zh.V. Pisarenko, Q. Wang
2020 Nanotehnologii v Stroitelʹstve  
The article provides an abstract review of patents. The results of creative activity of scientists, engineers and specialists, including inventions in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, being implemented, allow achieving a significant effect in construction, housing and community services, and related sectors of the economy. For example, the invention «Raw mixture for production of fine-grained polymer concrete modified by microsilica» refers to construction and can be used in
more » ... an be used in manufacture of nanomodified concretes based on potentially chemically reactive coarse and/or fine filler for transport, industrial and civil construction. Modification of cement stone structures by means of microsilica made of silica production wastes and acrylic dispersion will make it possible to intensify hydration of binder, to reduce cement consumption and to increase strength characteristics of final product compared to traditional concrete mixtures. The invention can be used to produce concrete articles and structures, flagstones, decorative borders, to arrange top layers of road beds and to repair them when it is required, as well as to fill cracks and as a filler in sealing joints. The specialists can also be interested in the following inventions in the area of nanotechnologies: nanomodified high-strength light concrete, combined heat-insulating system, composite layered self-healing material, a method to produce metal/carbon nanocomposites, an electrochemical method to produce nanosized powder of metal silicide, a method to produce metal-polymer nanocomposite materials with metal nanoparticles et al. KEYWORDS : nanotechnologies in construction, fine-grained polymer concrete, nanomodified high-strength light concrete, metal/ carbon nanocomposites, nanosized powder. FOR CITATION: Ivanov LA., Demenev A.V., Pisarenko Zh.V., Wang Q., Nanotechnologies: a review of inventions and utility models.
doi:10.15828/2075-8545-2020-12-3-140-146 fatcat:5466y2kt5nhbbmreycbtclll2q