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1891 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
These electrodes consist of two metallic cones covered with chamois, and held in position for treatment by an elastic ribbon buckled around the head. The tips of the cones are moistened before in¬ serting them in the external auditory canal. In order to keep them clean, it is well to place a small covering of cotton, moistened with warm water, over the tips of the cones while in use. It is a simple matter to adjust the cones to heads of any size by having one or two extra apertures in the
more » ... rtures in the ribbon, through which one of the cones can be easily passed. Or a second buckle can be put between the cones, at the back of the head, in order to alter the distance. The ribbon should never be buckled so firmly as to occasion uncomfortable pressure. The advantages of these electrodes over the old ones commonly employed for ear treatment, are the following : i. The electric current can be concentrated as much as is possible in the ears, instead of being diffused over the side of the head and face. 2. There is no necessity for filling the auditory canal with water, and thus macerating and relax¬ ing the drum head. 3. The patient is relieved of the irksomeness of holding the electrodes in position, a freedom fully appreciated by those who have had experi-enee in the old way. With the cones in position, the patient can take a comfortable treatment while looking over the morning paper or illus¬ trated magazine. This converts a treatment that was formerly a bore into a comparative luxury. Chas. Truax, Greene and Co., made these for me. 70 State St. This little work from the house of Putnam's Sons, is intended for the student and general practitioner, rather than for the specialist, and admirably fulfills its mission. A short practical treatise upon rhinology is in demand. Dr. Ward has certainly met the requirements of the general practitioners in an admirable manner.
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