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Morphometry of the posterior clinoid process and dorsum sellae

Wojciech Ilków, Marek Waligóra, Marek Kunc, Marek Kucharzewski
2018 Ceská a slovenská neurologie a neurochirurgie  
Aims: The posterior clinoid process (PCP) is a paired anatomic structure located in the middle cranial fos sa on the superior surface of the sphenoid bone where it forms a bony eminence that is the lateral boundary of the dorsum sel lae (DS). The aim of the study was to analyse PCP and DS morphometry in CT. Materials and methods: The study was based on 100 CT investigations of 54 women and 46 men aged 18-88 years (mean age 52.49 years). The PCP and DS morphometry was studied in coronal and
more » ... in coronal and sagittal planes. Data were analysed statistical ly in relation to patients' gender and age (group 1: up to 45 years, group 2: over 45 years). Results: The average width of the right and left PCP was 10.2 mm and 9.85 m m, resp., while the average height of the right and left PCP was 2.32 mm and 2.04 m m, resp. The thickness of the DS superior edge was 3.29 m m, and of the right and left PCP 4.28 mm and 4.31 m m, resp. Statistical calculations led to the conclusion that the right PCP was wider and thicker in men. Moreover, the DS superior edge is also thicker in men, and the left PCP is wider and higher in people over 45 years of age. Conclusions: The PCP and DS are dif erent in men and women: 1. The right PCP is wider and thicker in men than in women; 2. The superior edge of the DS is thicker in men than in women; 3. The width and height of the left PCP reach higher values in patients over 45 years of age compared to those below 45 years of age. The authors declare they have no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study. Autoři deklarují, že v souvislosti s předmětem stu die nemají žádné komerční zájmy. The Editorial Board declares that the manu script met the ICMJE "uniform requirements" for biomedical papers. Redakční rada potvrzuje, že rukopis práce splnil ICMJE kritéria pro publikace zasílané do biome dicínských časopisů. Key words posterior clinoid process -dorsum sellaecomputed tomography -sphenoid bonebase of the skull Klíčová slova procesus clinoideus posterior -dorsum sellae -výpočetní tomografie -klínová kost -spodina lební
doi:10.14735/amcsnn2018330 fatcat:c2egzgwsejhvhnvndifrw4itz4