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A Peculiar Condition of the Cervix Uteri Which Is Found in Certain Cases of Dystocia

1878 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The above subject is not a new one to this society. At the regular . meeting in February last attention was called to it by a paper which was afterwards presented to a larger audience in the pages of the Journal, March 21, 1878. It is now brought forward again for the purpose of considering, firstly, the relation existing between the condition in question and the ordinary post-partum hour-glass contraction ; secondly, the cause of the extraordinary difficulty which, in all the cases reported,
more » ... e cases reported, presented itself to the accoucheur ; and thirdly, the proper treatment of such cases. It was in November, 1876, that this subject received its first introduction and imperfect definition among ourselves by the relation of a case which was designated as one of ante-partum hour-glass contraction of the uterus. At that time the reporter understood neither the true state of things in the case then detailed, nor the exact nature of that with which it was compared. It was assumed with perfect propriety, as it now appears, that an identity existed ; yet there was an imperfect appreciation of the individual cases, each of which was marked by the same exceptional features. And when a new anatomy and physiology of the womb brought an explanation of a certain fearful irregularity in labor, it was at first supposed that the descriptive title of the original communication implied a serious misnomer. On the contrary, the correctness of that title is fully affirmed by the latest words that obstetric medicine has spoken. Upon this point it is only necessary to cite the opinion expressed by Playfair, and already quoted in the first paper. To such testimony none can object. But in this connection we would note a curious fact, and admit the force of the evidence that proves the irresistible power of tradition, which may be defined as the habit of the human race in thought and action. Upon the very same page this writer clearly states the parts that are played by the internal os and the elongated cervix in the production of an hourglass contraction, and représents that condition by an illustration which
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