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Aging and Evolution

Guibert Crevecoeur
2018 Journal of Big History  
Similar empirical patterns of behavior are found in seemingly very different fields which once put together account for a « big history » approach of aging and evolution. It is shown that known curves for the creep of metals, the reliability of industrial systems, the mortality and survival of biological entities, learning, the general adaptation syndrome, (neo-)Darwinian evolution and the expansion of the universe can be compared and allow to conceive a general adaptation framework of complex
more » ... amework of complex adaptive systems. Equations are proposed for four shapes of curves found in laboratory and/or observational practice which can then be transformed into each other in function of the properties to be put into evidence. An entropy production can be linked to the phenomena under scope. The « big history » approach allows to go from global to peculiar. It thus shows the importance of using the correct orders of magnitude for the involved parameters (time, stress, temperature, energy ...) when analysing a specific phenomenon.
doi:10.22339/jbh.v2i2.2303 fatcat:cwc6xx625fbtre7zx4o63cwfke