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Performance Characteristics of VCR Engine using Lemon Grass Oil and Methanol Mixed with Diesel

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In the Experimental study, experiments has been done on an immediate infusion, single cylinder, constant speed, water cooling system VCR engine at injection pressures 200, and compression ratio of 17.5 using various blends. The effect of dual biodiesel blends and injection pressure were examined with various engine loads. Lemongrass oil and methanol were blended with diesel at a variety of blend ratios for the purpose of investigation. Presentation and release characteristics obtained from the
more » ... obtained from the systematic study reveals that Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) and brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) of blend B20 (i.e. Lemongrass 20 % methanol 30% and Diesel 50%) was higher than diesel. The emission of carbon monoxide (CO), hydro carbons (HC), and carbon dioxides (CO2) of dual biodiesel blends with better than that of diesel. It was identified that with increase in injection pressure from 200bar can be improving the performance analysis while reducing exhaust gas emissions. But increases the nitrogen oxides emissions.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.b4910.129219 fatcat:t3lnlnukr5dn3fuvachx2pyos4