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Study of noise level at roundabouts in Maminasata area

M Hustim, M I Ramli, M F Nabila
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
The rapid growth of a country affects one of many fields, such as transportation, which is important for development and as public facilities. This research was conducted at the Mandai Roundabout, Riburane Roundabout, and the Samata Roundabout. This study aims to analyze the noise level at 3 observation points, as well as noise prediction by using the CoRTN method (Traffic Noise Calculation) based on Vissim Software in 2019-2023. Data collected for 12 hours from 07.00 until 19.00 by taking
more » ... 9.00 by taking samples for 10 minutes per hour using the Sound Level Meter (SLM) type TM-103. While for the prediction results, the number of vehicles and vehicle speed are used. For vehicle speed predictions, the number of vehicles are added by 7% per year then run the program Vissim. The results are divided into 3 locations, the Mandai Roundabout about 76.21 dB; Riburane Roundabout about 75.82 dB; and the Samata Roundabout about 80.09 dB where the noise level is higher than the standard from government, Minister of Environment No.48 on 1996 which stated the standard for noise level in trading and service area is 70 dB. The estimated result based on the CoRTN model on the roundabout in the Maminasata area using the Leq formula is 73.47 dB for the Mandai Roundabout; 70.07 dB for Riburane Roundabout; and 73.40 dB for the Samata Roundabout. There has been a difference in predicted results from 2019-2023. In 2019 there has been a difference of about ≥ 3 dB, which is 4.1 dB at the Mandai Roundabout so that improvements need to be made to this region.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/419/1/012168 fatcat:5x3pm2dgmzbitbj3dklkiqvkua