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On a Global Relative Revolution of the Universe Around Earth Induced by its Spin and the Outlines for a New Mechanism for Magnetic Fields Generation

Mutasim Ahmed
2018 Figshare  
Relative motion in the special theory of relativity, can have true and verifiable results. But we ignored it in the case of the rotation of Earth and other planets and cosmic objects, around their own axes. My aim is to find (Earth's Resultant Inertial Rotation) ERIR. This ERIR is resulting from the curved path due to gravity, and the circular path of an observer due to rotation, out of the whole rotation. And for this ERIR an observer can assume the state of rest, while the whole observable
more » ... whole observable universe will be revolving relatively around him in the opposite direction. This (Universe's Relative Revolution) URR will be displayed in conformity with circular motion laws. I've found the equation to describe this type of ERIR . I used this equation, and postulated that aberration of the light of distant objects would allow us to see a component of the tangential velocity produced by the URR along our line of sight. I reinterpreted the Hubble phenomenon, and showed that the phenomenon is different for different cosmic objects, and predicted a blue-shift on the other side of the sky, mostly behind the zone of avoidance. The dependence of Hubble's constant on aberration angle is emphasized. Accordingly we concluded that, the great attractor, the Virgo infall, the CMB dipole, the dark energy, and the fingers of God theories and the likes, were based on illusions. All the anomalies of the CMB mapping, like the axis of evil, could naturally be explained. And the Pioneer effect, could also be explained, and the diurnal and annual variations of the effect also accounted for. Also it is possible using this global URR to find a Universal mechanism for magnetic field generation, which could be applied for all cosmic objects, from asteroids to magnetars and even galaxies. Using this idea I predicted a magnetic field on Ceres twice as that of Mercury. But only the outlines of this new mechanism will be given, so that other investigators could develop it further.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5142505.v8 fatcat:ttryh5qgf5d3dkmaqfzjduiiuq