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Fu Sinian Awards

Jing Yu, Mu-Tao Wang, Tai-Peng Tsai, Ming-Lun Hsieh, Jeng-Daw Yu
2015 Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians  
My main research topics are "mean curvature flows in higher codimensions" and "quasi-local mass in general relativity". The two seemly unrelated problems share the same object of interest: a 2-D surface in a 4-D space. I have been interested in the geometry of surfaces since I took Prof. Wu-Hsiung Huang's Differential Geometry course when I was an undergraduate at NTU. He showed us how fascinating minimal surface theory is. Minimal surfaces are 2-D soap bubbles in the usual 3-D space and have
more » ... -D space and have been well studied in the last century. On the other hand, geometers know relatively little about surfaces in 4-D. In the second year of my graduate study, I came across a conjecture relating the topology of a 2-D surface and the 4-D space where the surface lives. Assuming the surface was minimal, I was able to prove half of the conjecture.
doi:10.4310/iccm.2015.v3.n1.a13 fatcat:qgdnccxxufaztcuzdqgt2mxgqu