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Bacteriological, physiological, etc

1916 The Analyst  
916, 9, 301-305.)-Burmah beans may be imported into France provided that the consignment, on analysis, does not show a higher hydrocyanic acid content than 0.02 per cent. The beans, which belong to the PhaseoZus Zunatus species, are of two kinds, red and white, and the white beans are frequently used for food. The author has found 0.025 per cent. of hydrocyanic acid in certain samples of the dried beans. The method employed for detecting the presence of hydrocyanic acid consisted in mixing the
more » ... sted in mixing the powdered bean with five times its weight of water in a flask and suspending in the upper part of the flask a strip of paper which had been dipped in solution containing picric acid and an excess of sodium carbonate An orange-red colour developed on the paper within twelve hours if the bean contained a hydrocyanic glucoside. The quantity of hydrocyanic acid was estimated by macerating 20 grms. of the powdered bean with water for twelve hours, then submitting the mixture to steam distillation, and collecting the distillate (125 c .~. ) in a receiver containing dilute ammonia. The distillate was then titrated with & silver nitrate solution, using potassium iodide solution as the indicator.
doi:10.1039/an9164100380 fatcat:ejy7gelodfe3ji2gedue4mvi5e