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Дмитро Вікторович Коновалов
2019 Авіаційно-космічна техніка та технологія  
There are many ways and methods to reduce exhaust gases emissions on modern ships. One of the most effective ways to reduce NOx and SOx emissions is to use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR technology). The EGR system disadvantage is an increase in back pressure through additional pressure losses in the scrubber and heat ex-changer, which entails an engine fuel efficiency deterioration. Creating a reliable and efficient heat exchanger for cooling recirculation gases is a complex task due to
more » ... lex task due to deposits and pollution emitted by these gases. In the pre-sent work, the jet apparatus effectiveness named aerothermopressor is analyzed in the scheme with exhaust gases recirculation of the ship low-speed two-stroke engine. Aerothermopressor is a two-phase jet for contact disperse cooling, in which by increasing the heat from the gas stream the gas pressure and cooling are increased. The calculation of the characteristics of the engine was carried out, both in nominal, and in operating modes and in all possible range of partial loads. The installation of the aerothermopressor before the scrubber is pro-posed, which allows reducing engine thermal load. Increasing the pressure in the aerothermopressor by 0.2-0.4 ∙ 105 Pa (6-12 %) allows reducing the back pressure in the gas exhaust system and thus reducing the load on the exhaust gas recirculation fan and when the engine load is higher than 75% in the cold zone, the fan is not need-ed, which additionally allows to reduce the specific fuel consumption. The parameters of the exhaust gases that are going to be recirculated and the processes of their gas-dynamic cooling in the aerothermopressor are based on the developed technique and program using the thermodynamic and gas dynamics equations. The proposed scheme-design solution allows at a high environmental friendliness of the existing exhaust gas recirculation sys-tem to provide a certain reduction in specific fuel consumption. It was determined that the engine specific fuel consumption has been decreasing when the aerothermopressor is used to Dge = 2.5-3.0 g/(kW·h) (1.5-1.7%).
doi:10.32620/aktt.2019.7.11 fatcat:gi2mimjgxrhu3nxt5ssscji5qy