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Presenting surface colors on computer controlled CRT displays

Krisztian Samu, Klara Wenzel
2003 Facta universitatis - series Electronics and Energetics  
It is well known that CRT displays have limited color presentation capability. In everyday cases the drawback mainly shows up in the DTP field where the color space of displays does not match the printers' color space, thus the color presented on the display does not correspond completely to printed color. In the contrary case the aim is to present painted surface color on a computer display. Due to the narrow color space of CRT displays direct matching of colors that fall outside of the
more » ... tside of the display's color space is impossible based on CIE xyY color system. When transferring surface colors to displays there are tasks for which not only color matching, but also spectral matching is vital. In "display as measuring device" type of tasks, such as color deficiency diagnosis with painted tests transferred to computers, enabling maximal correspondence of both parameters is important, because color deficiency is caused by spectral degeneration of the sensitivity of the eyes.
doi:10.2298/fuee0302177s fatcat:ony2wzlkcngczhj46flfigkbem