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Spatial mapping of the internal and external electromagnetic fields of negative index metamaterials

Bryan J. Justice, Jack J. Mock, Liheng Guo, Aloyse Degiron, David Schurig, David R. Smith
2006 Optics Express  
We perform an experimental study of the phase and amplitude of microwaves interacting with and scattered by two-dimensional negative index metamaterials. The measurements are performed in a parallel plate waveguide apparatus at X-band frequencies (8-12 GHz), thus constraining the electromagnetic fields to two dimensions. A detection antenna is fixed to one of the plates, while a second plate with a fixed source antenna or waveguide is translated relative to the first plate. The detection
more » ... he detection antenna is inserted into, but not protruding below, the stationary plate so that fields internal to the metamaterial samples can be mapped. From the measured mappings of the electric field, the interplay between the microstructure of the metamaterial lattice and the macroscopic averaged response is revealed. For example, the mapped phase fronts within a metamaterial having a negative refractive index are consistent with a macroscopic phase-in accordance with the effective medium predictions-which travels in a direction opposite to the direction of propagation. The field maps are in excellent agreement with finite element numerical simulations performed assuming homogeneous metamaterial structures.
doi:10.1364/oe.14.008694 pmid:19529250 fatcat:3ibec36ek5cfpihlnpmpl664ri