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A Novel Modeling Method in Metal Strip Leveling Based on a Roll-Strip Unit

Guodong Yi, Zili Wang, Zhouyu Hu
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In the metal strip-multiroll leveling process, the action behavior of each roll is different. However, modeling each roll individually will result in redundancy which is not conducive to the modeling of the entire leveling process. To overcome this problem, a roll-strip unit (RSU) model is proposed to uniformly describe the behavior of each roll during the leveling process. The RSU and its equivalent model are defined on the basis of analyzing the force relationship between the roll and the
more » ... he roll and the strip. According to the linear distribution of the bending moment in the longitudinal direction of the strip, the position of the zero bending moment, that is, the virtual fulcrum, is obtained to determine the interval of the RSU. A plastic deformation function is established to describe the influence of plastic extension on the tension and velocity of the strip. The fitting of the deformation curve of the strip is optimized by the tension influence factor and the zero curvature moment. The static friction condition between the roll and the strip which ensures the normal operation of the RSU is given. The AMESim model of the RSU is established to lay the foundation for the dynamic modeling of the multiroll leveler.
doi:10.1155/2020/1486864 fatcat:ei2wcvfqfvggzbafqqhgsxrkge