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Digital marketing strategy in promoting product

Imelda Debby Christina, London School of Public Relations, Fenni, Devia Roselina, London School of Public Relations, London School of Public Relations
2019 Management and Entrepreneurship Trends of Development  
A rapid internet development and its function has become one of the most important technologies in the world since it is very influential for human life. Considering this, one of the paid television companies makes an integrated marketing communication using internet as a tool for promoting its product. This study aims to know the role and strategy of various digital marketing channels, including website, search engine marketing (SEM), online PR, display advertising, email marketing and social
more » ... rketing and social media marketing in promoting product. The methodology is descriptive qualitative using interview and participant observation. The data were collected through documents and literature which related to digital marketing. This study found that digital marketing strategy has important role in promoting product. The whole digital marketing strategy, either in its planning, implementation, or evaluation, has its own uniqueness. It showed that digital marketing strategy has been run well within the company. The competition between subscription televisions in Indonesia is very fierce. Some companies are survived until now but some are not. Even if the market enthusiast on subscription television is a lot but the amount of subscription television companies is also varies. They are offering their own strength and benefit to customers due to compete with their competitors. This intense competition makes them show their product's ability and strength and try to create a new strategy to make public choose their product by doing an integrated marketing communication strategy. Realizing that, a digital era is a suitable era to start focusing on enhancing marketing communication strategy through digital marketing or usually called as internet marketing. Internet marketing uses internet as a business tool in which a company can give special service and user can get his needs.Internet is not only functioned as searching and spreading information machine but more and wider than that. The power and diversity in digital marketing will keep on developing following the creativity and technology advance in future. Seeing through the effectiveness and efficiency aspect, internet facilitates people to search information easily. Meanwhile, for company, internet facilitates in operational thing or uses as company marketing technique development. The uniqueness and the differentiation in other communication strategy within digital marketing are rated to become a right strategy to promote any kind of products. Therefore, this study aims to know about the digital marketing strategy in promoting product, including website, search engine marketing (SEM), online PR, display advertising, email marketing and social media marketing in promoting product. LITERATURE REVIEW a) Communication strategy Pearce and Robinson (2008) define strategy as a group of decision and action that produce formula and plan designed to reach organization and company targets. Roland stated that the communication strategy is an activity or campaign which informational and persuasive in building understanding and support on an idea, thought, or structured service. The purpose of communication strategy according to Pace and Faules (2010) are; -Secure understanding: to make sure the messages are delivered -Establish acceptance: to keep building the delivered messages in a good way -Move action: to motivate the next action b) Integrated marketing communication The American Association of Advertising Agency or known as the 4As claimed that the definition of integrated marketing communication is a marketing communication planning concept that aware with additional value from comprehensive plan. It evaluates the strategic role of various communication disciplines such as common advertising, direct response, sales promotion and public relation. Also, it combines some disciplines to give maximum clarity, consistency, and communication influence (Belch and Belch, 2015) . Integrated marketing communication is a strategy which consists of various activities to deliver consistent message to public due to create long term relationship and product value. Moreover, an exact strategy which runs through integrated marketing communication will produce profit for company. c) Promotional mix Integrated marketing communication refers to the marketing communication tool. The basic tool used within integrated marketing communication is called as promotional mix, which in traditional concept it consists of some elements such as, advertising, sales promotion, public relation and personal selling. However, in modern concept, the element is added with direct marketing and digital marketing (Belch and Belch, 2015) . d) Digital marketing Digital marketing nowadays holds important role in the development of integrated marketing communication and often used in modern era. According to Chaffey and Chadwick (2012), digital
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