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An Analysis of Factors Consisting of Conspicuity of Objects by the Touch-screen

Fumihiko MORI, Natuhiko ZUSHI, Naotoshi SUGANO
2013 Baiomedikaru, Fajii, Shisutemu Gakkaishi  
: PV7i αt obleet is extracted as a conspicuous 吻 ect h功 η刪 2 瀚 α ' factors c ・ mpose the conspie 吻 ・ 2 Finding out thefactors is imz 冫 0 が an ちfo 〃 he image unders 珈 ding technology. ゆ to nOW the contrast extracted by DOGj7tters has been used as the eonspicui り ・ () fthe area . In this paper, thefactors, ∫〃c乃 as the eeeentr ' city 加 ' 加 visuai field and the ∫彪 θ げ 0 毎 θ C 乙 other than the contr α st are examined .η 昭 α V α ' 励 ∫ 1∫ リ ノ げ 伽 〃 2 are tes' θゴ 勿 伽 toueh − sereen and thelfo〃owing
more » ... nd thelfo〃owing results . ' 1 丿 ' 加 conspicuity decreases α ccording to the eCC 翩 r た i − ty , 2 ) it in the lower visual field is higher than the 塑 ρ θア 0 η θ, 3 ) it加 the righ ' ward one ' 5 擁 lher than the left ward one , 4) we canno ち伽 ゴ 0 ' the signi : fic α nt difference behveen the conspicuities in the upper − right one and in the lowe〃 eft one , and 5 ) the conspicui り 吻 ereases according to the size ( ゾ吻 ect. 砌 脚 'ds' color i 〃 lage , ' 0 麗 C ん 一 screen , CO 燗 ρ たUOUS objeet , eccentr た ' りう 5 彪θ Fumihiko MORI
doi:10.24466/jbfsa.15.2_55 fatcat:lcywqb5ctjb75gag7z65koc6za