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Erratum: QEC -value determination for Na21→Ne21 and Mg23→Na23 mirror-nuclei decays using high-precision mass spectrometry with ISOLTRAP at the CERN ISOLDE facility [Phys. Rev. C 100 , 015502 (2019)]

J. Karthein, D. Atanasov, K. Blaum, M. Breitenfeldt, V. Bondar, S. George, L. Hayen, D. Lunney, V. Manea, M. Mougeot, D. Neidherr, L. Schweikhard (+5 others)
2020 Physical Review C  
In our original publication concerning the Q-value determination for the 21 Na → 21 Ne and 23 Mg → 23 Na mirror-nuclei decays, the ionization energy was not included. The Q values of the presented β decays, hence, change by 17 eV in the case of 21 Na → 21 Ne and 3 eV in the case of 23 Mg → 23 Na. The essence of the paper, namely, the calculated Ft values and the resulting V ud element of the CKM-quark-mixing matrix are not affected due to dominating uncertainties in the other relevant
more » ... relevant quantities. Equation (4) in the original publication now reads with the literature mass for the reference atom m ref,lit , the electron mass m e [1], the speed of light c, and the ionization energies for the reference atom and atom of interest, E i,ref and E i,IOI respectively. As a result, Table I is modified to: TABLE I. Summary for 21 Na + and 23 Mg + showing the number of Ramsey-type spectra taken, the estimated production yield at ISOLDE, the half-lives [2], the reference ion for cyclotron frequency ratio determination, the measured cyclotron frequency ratio r, and the measured Q EC values using ionization energies from the National Institute of Standards and Technology [3] in comparison with the ones published by Low-Energy Beam and Ion Trap (LEBIT) for 21 Na [5] and by TRIUMF Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear Science (TITAN) for 23 Mg [4]. Q EC (keV) Isotope N spectra Yield (s −1 ) T 1/2 (s) Reference Ratio r This erratum Literature Based on the 17-and 3-eV changes in the Q values, Table II is updated to: TABLE II. Calculated vector part of the statistical-rate function f V , mirror-nuclei Ft mirror value, and the V ud element of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix for 21 Na and 23 Mg. For details, see the text.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.101.049901 fatcat:stkfz654qfekxijcu57oeqndii