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The stimulatory effect of male agouti (Dasyprocta prymnolopha) on the onset of female puberty

Diva Anelie de Araújo Guimarães, Rosemar Silva Luz Ramos, Gary Wayne Garcia, Otávio Mitio Ohashi
2009 Acta Amazonica  
The objective of this research was to analyze female agouti puberty. We did not observe the onset of puberty when the females were raised without males. When an adult male was put together with other adults and no cycling females, the onset of estrous cycle was observed after 10 to 60 days. When the young females were raised with a male, the onset of puberty was reached at 9 months. We concluded that the male agouti influences the onset of puberty in females, and that the dominant female,
more » ... inant female, apparently, inhibits or delays the puberty of the other agouti females of the group. We suggest further studies be made concerning the social control of the reproduction of these animal.
doi:10.1590/s0044-59672009000400004 fatcat:johfodpddbconcxw2clplru6jy