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Cider Preservatives

R. D. Scott, E. G. Will
1921 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
Fls. 8-Gn-e SURPACB 01 PZNISBBD C. u. 11 Lsnmsn WXTH N o m OP ITS ELAS-RBYOYBD. M A O N X F X~~O N . 15 nr*Mzmxs of exactly corresponding points on the grain surface of the two halves are shown in Figs. 8 and 9. While bated and unbated finished leathers appear much alike to the eye, there are perceptible physical differences such as one might expect to find in view of the fact that the elastin fibers have been removed from under the grain of the bated leather. The desirability of completely, or
more » ... y of completely, or even partially, removing elaskin from skin depends upon the use to which the leather is to he put. SUMM.4RY 1 There is an appreciable variation in the amounts of glucose and sucrose extracted by acetone, the former being more soluble.
doi:10.1021/ie50144a020 fatcat:l57zkrhnajerfd3w5dost2ytiy