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A Yesterday Battle over the Tomorrow Sea Battle
Вчерашнее сражение за завтрашнее морское сражение

Pavel Butakov
2019 SCHOLE  
The appropriationist approach to history of philosophy is often accused of being antihistorical and thus unreliable. The appropriationists are only concerned with their own philosophical problems, and they make discriminating use of the historical data as far as it serves their needs. Its rival, the contextualist approach, claims to be an honest, dedicated and reliable treatment of history. The contextualists are willing to make use of the tedious methodology of Classical studies as long as it
more » ... dies as long as it promises to uncover the true historical data. In this paper I present a case where the contextualists have failed to surpass their rival appropriationists in their quest for veracity. The case is the debate about Aristotle's De Interpretatione 9, which took place in 1950-1980s. In this debate the contextualists were unable to offer any other results except for those which have already been suggested by the appropriationists. In addition I demonstrate how the contextualists selectively used the arsenal of Classical methodology not to uncover the truth, but to justify their own preconceived interpretations.
doi:10.25205/1995-4328-2019-13-2-657-669 fatcat:pi76tbs2znfz3i2acirlqclfb4