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Determining final product properties and kinetics studies of polypropylene polymerization by a validated mathematical model

G. H. Varshouee, A. Heydarinasab, A. Vaziri, B. Roozbahani
2018 Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia  
In spite of a long history of using Ziegler-Natta catalyst for producing polypropylene, because of the complexity of the chemical and physical variables and the non-linearity in their effects on the polymerization, nobody has prepared a validated model which able to predict the final product properties and the critical kinetic indices at the same time. In this work, a mathematical model for slurry polymerization was implemented by polymer moment balance technique (population balance approach)
more » ... balance approach) in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The modeling approach is based on the expected value in statistics. Its advantage is that some important properties such as number average and weight average molecular weights could be directly calculated from kinetics equations. Other significant polymer indices, such as polydispersity and melt flow index which are a function of molecular weight, may be easily calculated and predicted by this model. In addition; by using the reaction profile rates (Rp-t) curves which the model is able to calculate and plot them, it is possible to determine the kinetics indices such as the initial reaction rate, deactivation constant, activation energy, and yield of the catalyst. The model was validated by experimental data obtained from a lab scale semi-batch reactor.
doi:10.4314/bcse.v32i3.16 fatcat:tenfsjznzvaybfbtcph5tfzm4q