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Differential microRNAs expression profiles in liver from three different lifestyle modification mice models [post]

Huan Gong, Ming Zhang, Yiwen Han, Ying Zhang, Jing Pang, Yanyang Zhao, Beidong Chen, Wei Wu, Ruomei Qi, Tiemei Zhang
2020 unpublished
Background MicroRNAs play an important role in many fundamental biological and pathological processes. Defining the microRNAs profile underlying the processes by beneficial and detrimental lifestyles, including caloric restriction(CR), exercise and high-fat diet(HF), is necessary for understanding both normal physiology and the pathogenesis of metabolic disease. We used the microarray to detect microRNAs expression in livers from CR, EX and HF mice models. After predicted potential target genes
more » ... ential target genes of differentially expressed microRNAs with four algorithms, we applied GO and KEGG to analyze the function of predicted microRNA targets. Results We describe the overall microRNAs expression pattern, and identified 84 differentially expressed microRNAs changed by one or two or even all the three lifestyle modifications. The common and different enriched categories of gene function and main biochemical and signal transduction pathways were presented. Conclusions We provided for the first time a comprehensive and thorough comparison of microRNAs expression profiles in liver among these lifestyle modifications.With this knowledge, our findings provide us with an overall vision of microRNAs in the molecular impact of lifestyle on health as well as useful clues for future and thorough research of the role of microRNAs.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7kwt3dth7vajrpp7525xxe636i