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Parallel Tracking and Mapping of a Fleet of Quad-Rotor

M. Bazin, I. Bouguir, D. Combe, V. Germain, G. Lassade
2017 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
The problem of managing a fleet of quad-rotor drones in a completely unknown environment is analyzed in the present paper. This work is following the footsteps of other studies about how should be managed the movements of a swarm of elements that have to stay gathered throughout their activities. In this paper we aim to demonstrate the restrictions of a system where absolutely all the calculations and physical movements of our elements are done by one single external element. This is made
more » ... This is made possible thanks to a set of command rules which can guide the drones through various missions with defined goal. This strategy is based on a simultaneous usage of different data: obstacles positions, real-time positions of all drones and relative positions between the different drones. This work is based on Robot Operating System (R.O.S.) and use, as a base, several previous open-source projects on the matter. Simulation results show the limitations of the use of a centralized system to control a fleet of drones. Those weaknesses are highlighted thanks to the low-cost drones used here where the central unit had difficulties to handle drones workload.
doi:10.7763/ijet.2017.v9.980 fatcat:mpqeaw27hbffbo5vsbm35owz2q