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2020 unpublished
Interpretation is to happen in Buddhism, especially among Buddhists in Vihara Dharma Surya, Janggleng. This phenomenon indicates that there are complexities among Buddhists. The study of complexity among Buddhists becomes important because it can see the extent of progress in understanding Buddhist teachings. Research on the complexity of Bhāvanā is to see the Buddhist understanding towards Buddhism. Through complexity theory, phenomena and conditions in Janggleng village have worked for this
more » ... e worked for this research. Based on complexity theory and social analysis with the theory of meaning construction system can be concluded that this research describes the complexity of meanings that happens to Bhāvanā among Buddhists especially in Janggleng village, Tlogowungu, Kaloran, Temanggung. The form of the complexity of meaning Bhāvanā looks interpreted as tirakat, Bhāvanā for inner peace and self-control, Bhāvanā for peace life and health, and to achieve the magic. This complexity becomes part of the public understanding of diversity can be a source of contextual knowledge.Key words: Complexity, Buddhism, Understanding of Bhāvanā, Buddhists.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:k55xtt6ux5fpxmsvfne2ih42ey