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Management of Status Epilepticus

J Gordon Millichap
1995 Pediatric Neurology Briefs  
utero infection, and anoxia; b) prevention of febrile convulsions and their complications; c) avoidance of head trauma by wearing helmets when bicycling and banning of boxing as high school sport; 2. ictogenesis, individual epileptic seizures, may be prevented by identifying and controlling precipitating or provocative factors such as drugs and alcohol, sleep deprivation, AED withdrawal or poor compliance, and photic stimulation; 3) neurologic consequencies can be prevented by early and optimal
more » ... y early and optimal treatment of seizures and avoidance of status epilepticus; 4) psychosocial consequencies could be lessened by public education, removal of stigmata, and improvement in the quality of life; and 5) treatment consequencies involving anticonvulsant side-effects, teratogenicity, and cognitive and other deficits resulting from overzealous surgical resections. (Dreifuss FE. Prevention as it pertains to epilepsy.
doi:10.15844/pedneurbriefs-9-5-6 fatcat:7a2sva6fdzf2jiqghbexu7mvze