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Performance of Polyamide-6 /Wollastonite / Kaolin Hybrid Composites

Η. Unal
2002 Science and Engineering of Composite Materials  
The aim of this paper was to find the effect of flakelike kaolin and needle shaped wollastonite fillers on microstructural changes of polyamide-6 and its mechanical properties derived from tensile, izod impact and three point bending tests. One or more than one filler with varying weight percentage between 10 to 30wt.% were added to polyamide-6. Of the mechanical properties, tensile strength and modulus, flexural strength and modulus increased, whereas impact strength and elongation at break
more » ... ngation at break decreased with increasing filler content for single and mixed composite. The maximum improvement in mechanical properties is recorded with the addition of 20 to 30wt.% filler ratios. Scanning electron microscope has been used to reveal microstructural properties of the kaolin and wollastonite filled polyamide-6 composites. In addition, the microstructural changes of kaolin and wollastonite filled polyamide-6 composites were discussed in relation to its mechanical properties. Performance of Polyamide-6 /Wollastonite / Kaolin Hybrid Composites modulus of elasticity of the composites tend to increase with increasing kaolin and wollastonite content. It is apparent that the wollastonite and kaolin are favorable for improving tensile strength and modulus. Moreover, in terms of mechanical properties, the most suitable content of kaolin and wollastonite in polyamide-6 is 20wt.%. In addition izod impact tests indicated that the addition of wollastonite and kaolin fillers to polyamide-6 decreases the impact strength and ductility of the composite. Furthermore, except for notched izod impact strength values, the best improvement in properties of polyamide-6 was obtained either with 30wt.% wollastonite filler or with 15wt.% kaolin+15wt.% wollastonite mixed fillers. In all cases, elongation at break dramatically decreases for polyamide-6/kaolin and polyamide-6/wollastonite composites 10wt.% fillers above which, there is a little change in elongation. In the light of this study, mechanical properties of the composites can be improved using one or more fillers. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The author gratefully acknowledges the Emas Plastic Co., Ltd in Bursa, Turkey for supporting this study.
doi:10.1515/secm.2002.10.6.407 fatcat:2vhszk7p7jcz3jql2uyfhn45xe