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Assessment of Nanomaterials Use in Asphalt

2019 International Journal of Constructive Research in Civil Engineering  
This article reviews the advances of using nanomaterials in hot mix asphalt. Clay nanoparticles are raw materials used in the manufacture of asphalt. Adding nanoparticles such as nanoparticles, nanosilica and nanotubes to asphalt typically increases the viscosity of asphalt binders and improves the wear and tear resistance of asphalt mixtures. Using nanoclay as a second modifier in polymer modified asphalt can improve storage stability and aging resistance of polymer modified asphalt.
more » ... asphalt. Nanotechnology has gradually infiltrated the asphalt industry. It now appears that the magical effects of nanomaterials have been proposed to improve asphalt performance. To illustrate many prospective applications, researchers have undertaken a series of positive and effective measures in preparing modified asphalt to demonstrate the modification mechanism and improve the result of its performance. In this study, first, different nanomaterials used in asphalt modification are presented, and then the methods used in asphalt modification with these materials and finally the impact of nanomaterials on basic asphalt performance and modification mechanisms are discussed.
doi:10.20431/2454-8693.0504002 fatcat:ploh2kndfvds3cgee3eknxsjxa