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1932 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Global markets have increased the plethora of options available to Indian consumers. With the clear shift in consumer tastes and preferences, food companies have also capitalized on the same. While Indian consumers are still not as heavily impacted by the obesity epidemic like some other developed nationsthere is a clear shift; one which does not augur well for the health of the average citizen. The objective of this paper was to identify these key lifestyle trends that have emerged over the
more » ... emerged over the dozen years or soand understand the way they are changing food habits. For this purpose, we talked to 600 respondents across 6 cities in India. The research was conducted using a questionnaire administered online and through CATI. The results overwhelmingly show that there is a shift from opting to eat at home to opting to eat out. Also interestingly awareness about harmful effects of processed foods was high but the reason for consumption was attributed primarily to ease of purchase. The implications of the research are an attempt to ensure that key steps are taken by public officials: such as a tax on unhealthy foods, subsidies for healthy food, and promotion of healthy norms. Also FSSAI guidelines need to strengthen to ensure that customer awareness increase and food companies opt for a more transparent communication platform.
doi:10.1001/jama.1932.02730330038012 fatcat:n6jxpzsxbjgwhojcakpps4co2e