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The teaching of Suryomentaram as the sources of parenting practice in cultivating empathy among children to reduce bullying

Berta Esti Ari Prasetya
2018 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (ICAAIP 2017)   unpublished
Bullying has been considered as one problem in children's social behavior. Promoting empathy among children has been recorded as one effort to reduce bullying act. Empathy is considered as important factor in pro social behavior, it moderates aggressive behavior, establishes and maintains friendships, reduces acting-out behaviors in children and has other beneficial impacts on individuals. It is therefore, empathy needs to be developed in children so that they may have all the benefits of this
more » ... e benefits of this character that in turn may reduce the tendency of participating in bullying behavior. Since empathy is developed with age, parents need to include this in their parenting practices. In an effort to develop empathy in children, Indonesia has many local wisdoms that can be the sources of the teaching/parenting program for children. Utilizing local wisdom as the sources in parenting practice is believed to be effective since it is not only developing noble character in individuals, it even more may become the uniqueness or strength of a nation. One of the local wisdom in Java that is loaded with teachings about empathy values is shared by Suryomentaram. According to the teachings of Suryomentaram, noble individuals are those who have the ability to understand the feelings of others, as if it were experienced by him/herself. This article will discuss about Suryomentaram's teachings on developing empathy in children and how parents can utilize these values in their everyday parenting practice. This article is a literature reviews based on Suryomentaram writings and other articles that add to Suryomentaram original writing.
doi:10.2991/icaaip-17.2018.29 fatcat:5hfuhfwkqngnbdc6aid5hyr3hm