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A Spatial Domain for Image Enhancement using Gaussian Filter

2020 jecet  
Image edification method makes it possible to improve the quality of image for visual perception or to aid projected analysis of the image for feature extraction. The main problem in image processing is attributed to signal representation and modeling, enhancement, restoration and reconstruction from projections. Characterized elements of an image could be a large array of discrete dots or various luminous objects; and plays significant roles in quantizing and sampling for computer graphics.
more » ... mputer graphics. Image model is a considerable factor in choosing appropriate de-noising technique and processing domain for image enhancement. This paper presents the use of Gaussian filter to improve image model with instrumentality of Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB). The scientific demonstration showed that, the visual perception was enhanced, when the image quality was improved. Nigeria CONCLUSION Gaussian filter is quite ideal as panacea to degradation and interference elements in images, especially digital photographs. It enables direct effect at spatial dimensional space by the enhancement method for the image clarity. It is very suitable for de-noising and interference removal targeted at Gaussian and speckle noises, thereby improving image visual perception.
doi:10.24214/jecet.b.9.1.10210 fatcat:dm4wtfimdnev3cxyh6s7qu6g2a