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Insight into Catalyst Speciation and Hydrogen Co-Evolution during Enantioselective Formic Acid-driven Transfer Hydrogenation with Bifunctional Ruthenium Complexes from Multi-technique operando Reaction Monitoring

Daniel Berry, Ian Clegg, Anna Codina, Catherine Lyall, John P Lowe, Ulrich Hintermair
2019 Faraday discussions  
Transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone from formic acid / triethylamine mixtures catalysed by the Ikariya-Noyori complex [(mesitylene)RuCl(R,R)-(TsDPEN)] has been investiated by simultaneous high-resolution FlowNMR and FlowUV-Vis spectroscopies coupled with on-line sampling...
doi:10.1039/c9fd00060g pmid:31524899 fatcat:bdijwrz4sjdufh3u2c2udo6thi