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1902 Mind  
KBW B00K8. 263 this case) withdraw them from the purview of soience. Hence science teems in such cases to defeat its own purpose. Its aim is to elicit as much novelty as possible, to provide for study as much and as good material as it can. But by prematurely insisting on the connexion of the new with the old, it checks discovery. Hence a distinction would seem to be suggested between the methods appropriate to discovery and those by which, after discovery, the systematic validity of the new
more » ... idity of the new troths may be exhibited. Thus a spiritist interpretation might conceivably have' proved a better working method of bringing out 'Mile. Smith's' capabilities, without being on that account accepted as the final explanation, and it seems possible that if Prof. Flonmoy had treated it as more of an alternative to his own and had refrained from so triumphantly showing it to be totally unnecessary, he might have retained his position as his medium's scientific director. But the personal questions which arise in Buoh cases are usually extremely difficult, and we owe it no doubt to Prof. Floumoy'B great tact that the co-operation of 'medium' and professor endured so long. F. C. 8. SCHUXIB.
doi:10.1093/mind/xi.1.263 fatcat:gkztmhyibnbmth7ku2ztuyr5b4