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Will the Senate Act?

1921 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
The Sixty-sixth Congress ends on March 4, 1921. One of t h e three months available for legislation a t this final session has passed into history, and t h e dye bill still remains on t h e calendar of unfinished business. The question is being asked by all "Will t h e Senate act?" Every argument hitherto presented in behalf of t h e legislation stands to-day as forceful as ever. To these must be added now. t h e easily evident fact t h a t t h e failure t o pass this legislation has brought
more » ... tion has brought about a degree of demoralization which is lamentable. Contemplated expansion of plants has been postponed because of t h e uncertainty of t h e future, research staffs are being contracted, a shortsighted policy on t h e part of manufacturers, b u t true nevertheless in many cases, and t h e chilling effect of this demoralization is making itself felt in t h e ranks of our chemists and students of chemistry. I n addition t o t h e large amounts of new capital being called €or b y t h e German dye cartel, t h e life of t h a t cartel has been extended from t h e year 1966 t o 2000, and its dissolution at t h a t time made more difficult by requiring a four-fifths instead of a two-thirds majority t o effect its dissolution, Not content with this unification t h e segregation of t h e nitrogen-fixation industry under t h e Haber process has been accomplished by t h e formation of a n organization capitalized a t ~oo,ooo,ooo marks, which organization is placed under t h e control of t h e dye cartel. Regaining mastery in t h e field of dyes is now not sufficient, ambition is leading on t o a world control of nitrogenous products. T h a t is a t h r e a t which no nation can ignore. There is no secret about t h e matter. T h e facts have all been published. With this situation existing, can t h e Senate afford not t o act? On what grounds could delay be justified? Senator Thomas' nightmare of a n American dye trust was refuted sufficiently by t h e declaration of t h e great mass of small producers of dyes, read on t h e floor of t h e Senate, t h a t they would be t h e first t o go under in t h e price war which would We repeat again our conviction t h a t it will. Now comes a new factor into t h e situation. follow t h e failure t o enact adequate legislation; but t h e Senator's dream looks like thirty cents when compared with the steps already taken in Germany t o secure domination of t h e world's dye and nitrogen supplies. T h e press report t h a t this fixed-nitrogen organization is contemplating t h e erection of plants in t h e United States and Japan may be erroneous, b u t already t h e market situation is being felt out. The following circular letter is being distributed in t h e trade. One of our dye concerns, t h e Peerless Color Company,
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