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Dynamics of Large Scale Turbulence in Finite-sized Wind Farm Canopy using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and a Novel Fourier-POD Framework [post]

Tanmoy Chatterjee, Yulia T. Peet
2020 unpublished
Large scale coherent structures in atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) are known to contribute to the power generation in wind farms. In the current paper, we perform a detailed analysis of the large scale structures in a finite sized wind turbine canopy using modal analysis from three dimensional proper orthogonal decomposition (POD). While POD analysis sheds light on the large scale coherent modes and scaling laws of the eigenspectra, we also observe a slow convergence of the spectral trends
more » ... spectral trends with the available number of snapshots. Since the finite sized array is periodic in the spanwise direction, we propose to adapt a novel approach of performing POD analysis of the spanwise/lateral Fourier transformed velocity snapshots instead of the snapshots themselves. This methodology not only helps in decoupling the length scales in the spanwise and the streamwise direction when studying the energetic coherent modes, but also provides a detailed guidance towards understanding the convergence of the eigenspectra. In particular, the Fourier-POD eigenspectra helps us illustrate if the dominant scaling laws observed in 3D POD are actually contributed by the laterally wider or thinner structures and provide more detailed insight on the structures themselves. We use the database from our previous large eddy simulation (LES) studies on finite-sized wind farms which uses wall-modeled LES for modeling the Atmospheric boundary layer laws, and actuator lines for the turbine blades. Understanding the behaviour of such structures would not only help better assess reduced order models (ROM) for forecasting the flow and power generation but would also play a vital role in improving the decision making abilities in wind farm optimization algorithms in future. Additionally, this study also provides guidance for better understanding the POD analysis in the turbulence and wind farm community.
doi:10.20944/preprints202002.0390.v1 fatcat:vxzx6mb4urf7fb4jken7yn3wxa